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CAT (Catastrophic Coverage): Although a low cost, minimal coverage product, we cover catastrophic bushel loss. Please note, this product does not meet FSA crop insurance requirements when accepting disaster payments if you did not carry coverage the year of the disaster.

APH (Actual Production History Coverage): Losses are covered if actual yield is less than the guaranteed yield. Bushels are guaranteed at the determined price set in the spring which won't change regardless of market movement. Please note this product is only available on canning crops and forage.

YP (Yield Protection Coverage): Losses are paid if your actual yield is less than the guaranteed yield and bushels are guaranteed at the projected price set in the spring. The guaranteed price will not change regardless of market movement.

RP (Revenue Protection Coverage): This product guarantees a dollar amount of coverage based on your production history and February average CBOT prices. Actual production is valued at the average CBOT price to determine loss. If the October harvest price average is higher than February, a new guarantee will be calculated.

RP-HPE (Revenue Protection w/ Harvest Price Exclusion Coverage): This product reviews your production history and February average CBOT prices for the amount of coverage. There are some requirements regarding crop pricing; contact our representatives for more information.

GRP (Group Risk Plan): This policy uses the county trigger yield to project bushel loss protection. NASS averages are used to determine claims.

GRIP (Group Risk Income Protection): Like the Group Risk Plan, this product uses NASS yields to determine guarantee and claims. GRIP provides revenue protection by using CBOT prices in the spring and fall.

Hail: We represent several different hail insurance companies which allow us to find you the best possible price in your geographic location. This type of policy covers hail, fire, vandalism, grain storage and transport; wind coverage is available for additional cost. The policy pays on the first acre of damage and does not average acres together. It is available with little or no deductible.



Livestock Gross Margin: If milk prices fall, or feed costs rise, you have a shrinking profit margin. This policy protects against that loss by establishing a minimum on income over feed costs ensuring the gross margin will not be less than the amount specified on the policy.

Livestock Risk Protection: This policy provides protection from decreases in livestock selling prices while enabling producers to benefit from an increase in market prices.

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Crop Insurance products are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; are not deposits or obligations of the bank or any affiliate; are not guaranteed by the bank or any affiliate; may involve investment risks.

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