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Agricultural Deposit Accounts

Flexible, customized solutions for managing the business end of farming from Investors
Community Bank.

Basic Business Checking
A simple, easy to understand account that will fit a variety of business needs. Either maintain a monthly balance of $1,000 or pay a monthly maintenance fee of $12. Statements are generated and mailed at month end or you can sign up for e-statements, viewable through Internet Banking. This account does not earn interest.

Business Checking (An Analyzed Account)
This checking account is customized based on your business needs. From basic checking services to wire transfers, online banking to automatic sweeps, origination of ACH Files and more, this product can be built to your specifications. Please contact one of our experienced Business Deposit Specialist.

Business Money Market
One of the most flexible options for today's businesses! The more money you have on deposit the more interest your money will earn. This option requires a daily minimum balance of $2,000 or an average monthly balance* of $8,000 in the money market account.

Business Savings
This is a standard business savings account that only requires a $250 minimum balance to start and grow your savings.

Business Certificates of Deposit (CD) Products
Our CD products pay competitive interest rates and can be invested for a variety of terms. Our product is represented by a receipt which allows for renewals, reinvesting, and redemptions to be handled over the phone and through the mail.


* Average Balance Calculation - The average balance is calculated by adding the principal ledger balance for each day of the month and dividing that figure by the number of days in the month.


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